• About ME

    Who am I?

    Who are you?

    And what brought us here?


    Do you ask yourself sometimes these questions? You are lucky! You are not a dead zombie going to work and paying rent and nothing else.

    This world needs you, needs me, needs us to collaborate to make the status quo obsolete, where the only thing that counts is your bank account. https://youtu.be/VT9jnUIgRj4


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    I am in service of Love, Evolution, Aliveness and Integrity.


    Initiated by Homaya Amar into the Spiritual Path of a shaman and Energetic Healer, I left academia and activism behind to encourage and empower myself and every one around me to trust their feelings and intuition and follow the inner voice that is longing for learning, expansion and adventure.

    The call that Life has more to offer than mere survival or comfort zone hit me so hard that I couldn’t numb myself anymore with addictions, work, sex and drama.

    I had to move on into the unknown, the unexpected, the insecurity beyond beliefs and understanding.

    What I found there is where I stand now: the endless source of possibilities, the ultimate freedom of not having to be or become somebody, the permission to shift into whatever is needed right here and right now.

    My will to live smoothly awakened from the numbness of big city life when Homaya showed the technique of the energetic sponge on me that is used to clean the body from toxics. My eyes were closed and I saw her as a sun in the sky with a huge halo. This experience made me trust in my energetic divine existence.

    In the Divine Intervention 2013 in Tuscany I met Clinton Callahan, the founder of Possibility Management.

    He shook my box ( Old beliefs about me and the world as a survival strategy) to the ground. The way he was talking about patriarchy and its consequences made me cry for two hours. It was not new to me what he was saying. But for the first time I could feel it in all my 5 bodies: physical , mental, emotional, energetical and archetypal. And allowing myself to feel the pain saved my life.


    Growing up is an ongoing evolutionary process. Healing and transformation is never ending. I know of some people who take that as an excuse to think that they are never ready, not good enough, need more this and that to show up, to be in service and to hold space for others. I was one of them. Let’s guide each other, let’s grow together. This is not therapy. This is not for making it better or easier. This is for choosing to be alive.

  • Why Healing?

    When you heal yourself you heal the generation before and after.

    Bridge House Movement

    It took me a while to get that it leads to more frustration and suffering if I try to fight the existing system. If I really want to free myself from domination and exploitation I have to free myself first. And I cannot do that by myself.

    That's why I initiated the Single Moms Bridge House


    Check it out: http://singlemomsbridge-house.mystrikingly.com

    Safe Space for Children's Culture

    As a parent I am in service of the Growth and Learning of the children, not only my own but all they are growing up with. To hold a safe space for them I need to be conscious about my feelings and be able to give and receive coaching and feedback.

    Most institutions are teaching what to think and how to think and what is right and what is wrong.

    In the Single Moms Bridge Houses we are collaborating as adults to create a safe jungle gym where the children can train their muscles and brains to create things we never have thought about.

  • Healing is EMOTIONAL

    Most people think they need to get fixed or a problem needs to be solved. They believe something is not ok. They are wrong, not lovable or difficult. Some people believe that they have to blame the circumstances or their parents for their sufferings. Have you ever tried to fix a person? Did it work?

    And have you been busy changing the circumstances? Was it satisfying?

    Most probably it enhances the symptoms more. To go to the chore, the root, the cause of a symptom you need a safe space that allows you to feel what couldn’t be felt before. Only there you find new territory, something beyond your own imagination. Your mind can only think what it knows already. Your heart, the center of your emotional body can feel more than you think.

    It’s like a plant that cannot be seen in the seed.

    Start with Anger

    If you want to learn how to feel, start with anger. Taking back your own authentic self through initiation processes, allows you to be present, centered and clear.

    From there you can hold space for more vulnerability, sensitivity and intimacy.

    Once your inner fire is burning, you can take a stand for what you care about, say yes and no and make clear decisions and boundaries.

    You can make and keep promises and commit to things that are bigger than yourself like life itself or the whole planet.


    I am offering a 4-weeks-online Series of rage work.

    You will learn how to clearly say Yes! and No!

    You will take your authority back and ask for what you need.

    You will make and hold boundaries.

    You will be able to hold space for yourself and others.

    You will take a stand for what you care about.

    You will be able to do the things that matter to you.

    You will be able to stop doing the things that don’t matter to you.

    You will trust yourself to choose and make new decisions.

    You will be able to make promises and be committed to them.

    And you will take your life in your own hands.





    End the war inside yourself first!

    Unmix your emotions and let each one of them be felt and expressed in a safe space.

    Healing Depression, Isolation, jealousy is not only possible. It’s your responsibility. No one can do it for you! No one can stop you from doing it!




    Sign up for Rage Club im February 2022

    Introduction 5th of February 12-15 UTC+ 1

    10-20 Euro sliding scale





    Use your anger to set your own context




    „I took part in Habet's 4week Rage club BIPoC training.
    Met really wonderful people, who helped me and whom i helped through the process of rediscovering the power of Anger/Rage.
    I've always had an issue with my energy level. I've always felt tired and distracted. I struggled to commit to anything.
    Through the training I understood why my suppressed Anger can lead to loss of Energy. Through the process I'm learning to feel the anger I've never allowed myself to feel and use it to make myself proactive, commit to the things I want to be committed to, take responsibility for my actions and myself.
    I'm still processing the training, after 4 weeks these are the things I've noticed.
    I'm thankful for Habet and each and every participant of the training.
    Sincerely Abebe“


    „In the beginning I had a lot of scepticism, but after 3 sessions I got access to very deep emotions that had been hidden in my body and my soul for a long long time. Thank you Habet for the enlightening space.“


    more about Rage Club

    check here: Rage Club on Strikingly (mystrikingly.com)


    Start from where you are

    No matter where in life you are right now, what your circumstances are, if you are a man, a woman, trans, queer or no gender… start from there..


    How do you know where you are?


    The universe will tell you. I know that sounds like some New Age Bullshit. Let’s say some things work out and some things don’t. Life is giving you a Beep! or a Go! Do not stress your mind about what worked and what didn’t. Ask the person next to you. We need each other to learn and grow. Allowing feedback and coaching is one of the most precious exchanges you can have with strangers and friends.

    Feedback is gold. https://youtu.be/SpwhOR1s6rE


    Make patriarchy obsolete by choosing something that’s not offered! How? Ask for what you need! Go for it! Your body knows. Allow yourself to need something and take care of getting it. This is one of the most responsible things to do. You are responding to your bodies needs, all of your bodies. Scan your physical body, your emotional body, meaning your heart. What does your energetical body need? Do you need community? Maybe you need to activate your passion? Is it a purpose in life that is missing? Bring it into the world! What about your mental body? Is there a lack of information? Do you need to know something to make proper plans? Ask for it! Is there a misunderstanding or confusion in your relationship? Clarify it by asking for what you need: „I would like to know if this works for you. Would you like to share?“




    Life is what you want it to be.

    What? Are you kidding me? This is what you might think. Don’t you know that people suffer?! Do you think they choose to suffer? This is cynical. Yes, it is.

    No body know the trouble I‘ve seen. No body knows but Jesus, a gospel says. I agree, because your life is your movie, made for you and made by you. I don’t know what People choose to see or experience.

    What I know are my loopholes of believing beliefs taking over by my parents, teachers and significant others. And once I know them I get to choose.

    Choose your channel of what you see and with what you are looking at it.






    I am offering an online and offline Possibility Team, where you can experience yourself around others.

    This is a safe space where you share whatever is going on for you, where you can create something else than what’s offered on the Menue of the culture you live in or the culture you were born into. This is the place where you get supported and carried by a team that commits to your commitments.

    Book an online Healing Session now:


    Contact me for more information about Rage club dates and Possibility Teams.


    During Possibility Coaching step-by-step procedures empower you to take back your own authority... for everything. Along the way as your various parts come together in new ways you probably never imagined, you happily discover that your mind (as well as your other four bodies) are yours to play with and make into whatever you want. A new future unrolls as a side-effect of you building inner capacities that welcome more awareness.

    New behaviors start almost by surprise when upgraded thinking models give you new perceptions and viewpoints.


    Clarity creates possibility.


    Possibility opens new options to choose from.


    You are the chooser.

  • Your heart needs training. It‘s a muscle after all.



    Possibility Coaching

    Windows are for seeing through. Doors are for going through. Bridges are for crossing over into new territory. Possibility Coaching opens windows, doorways, and bridges to entirely different futures for you to use if you choose.


    The value of Possibility Coaching is that it gives you new options to choose from and the clarity and energy to transform new choices into new actions that create new results.




  • Areas of Practice

    Emotional Healing Process, Possibility Coaching , Rage Club

    I am offering single, couple and group sessions

    Let me know if you are ready to feel it!


    Possibility Coaching

    for Single Person

    for Couples

    for Teams

    for villages

    for parents

    for Spaceholder


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